3 Types of Greenhouses You Can Build Out Of Recycled Materials

3 Types of Greenhouses You Can Build Out Of Recycled Materials

The new seeds can’t survive in the inhospitable temperatures. Therefore they need a warm space to sprout, or tiny plants require protection from wildlife or the wind. In order to fulfill the requirement of safety and protection, a greenhouse can be a literal lifesaver. But in some situations space, time and resources may become a hurdle in the production of a greenhouse.

There are many people who are using expensive greenhouses to secure their plants. But everyone can’t afford the high amount. Here we are going to share some creative, innovative and fabulous greenhouse building ideas that will help you create your own greenhouse using inexpensive, or better yet, recycled materials that totally fit your place.

You can apply any of the following methods that suit your requirements. These easily modified greenhouse ideas are great to build your own greenhouse using recycled materials. You can replace the waste removal process with recycling by applying these creative ideas to your garden.

1. Plastic Bottle Greenhouse:

Plastic drink bottles can be used permanently by designing and building a recycled greenhouse. There are various ideas available on the internet for building a greenhouse with the help of plastic bottles, but the basic construction is all the same. Sticks and wires are used to thread the label-free plastic bottles, in order to create plastic walls.

After this process, the bottles are fastened to some wooden or metal frame. You can adjust the size of the frame according to your needs. There isn’t any standard size for that. And threading the bottles onto the sticks or wire can also vary.
Plastic Bottle Greenhouse
Approximately 1500 or more plastic can be used to build a 6*6*6 foot structure, depending on the size of bottles. Some measurement and math process is required before beginning.

Building a plastic bottle greenhouse is great because it uses a product that is harmful to the environment. We know that it is sometimes it is difficult to collect enough bottles to build a plastic bottle greenhouse, but these greenhouses are incredibly affordable and easily modified to fit any space. They interior temperature remains at least 10 degrees warmer than the outdoor and the rain water can easily reach the plants because these bottles are not air-tight.

2. Hoop Greenhouse

Hoop Greenhouse
A hoop house is fabulous, easy to build and cheap way to protect the plants. Hoop houses are created with metal or plastic that is covered in plastic sheeting. Thus the plants can enjoy the good growing climate that includes enough sunlight and protection. Recycling your own plastic sheeting and arches is better, but purchasing all the new equipment might be expensive. However such kind of greenhouse is very effective on plant growth, especially during winter.

3. CD Case Greenhouse

CD Case Greenhouse
It’s a fact that compact disks are pretty much obsolete. But it’s also a reality that everyone has a bevy of them cluttering up their drawers or shelves. Why not use them in a good way to build a mini greenhouse instead of just throwing them away. It requires a bit low-effort and looks great. It’s perfect for small spaces or delicate seedlings rather than large scales.


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